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The Graham Flat Top Ball Flag design to give shooters some advantages. The design of rectangular vane shape has several advantages over other shapes. This allows more of these flags to be stacked or overlapped in the scope, and still be able to see the ball because it is now at the top of the flag.

The XL Flat Top Ball wing flag is our largest vane size, providing more visibility and surface for getting accurate wind readings.

Another advantage is the rectangular shape of the Flat Top vane is visually less confusing when trying to read the angles than a vane shape that already has angles cut into it. The balls are 50/50 black and white. This allows for easily seeing if you are shooting in a head or tail wind, and are big enough to read at distance.

Ball Reading:

  • Black = outgoing wind
  • White = incoming wind

Bundle Includes:

  • XL Flat Top Ball Flag
  • Pink Tail
  • Stand
  • Stand Adapter
  • Stand Swivel Head
  • Flag Level


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