About Us

About Graham Wind Flags

Graham Wind Flags has been providing high quality wind flags to the benchrest shooter for over 15 years. Our flags are designed by, used by and sold by benchrest shooters. We are a source to improve your shooting with wind flags and compete at the highest levels for record breaking shots. Graham Wind Flags were designed by the founder Rick Graham and is currently owned & operated by Matt Spradlin, both experienced and accomplished benchrest shooters themselves.

About Matt Spradlin

I have spent the majority of my career in the Air Force/Air Force Contractor and have been grateful to be able to what I love. And now, to take over Graham Wind Flags is no different.

I started out shooting competitively many moons ago shooting 4-H 4 position rimfire. As life changed and the Air Force had different plans competitive shooting drifted away. Fast forward 20+ years when my father retired from his gunsmithing business. He sent me my old Remington 513T. Well armed with that rifle and a box of Eley ammo the passion for accuracy came back.

My sport of choice is short range benchrest and USARB air rifle benchrest. Over the years I have won a few awards and small groups but by no means am I an expert on these sports. I just a man with passion for the sports.

About Rick Graham – Founder / Designer

I’ve been designing, making and selling wind flags for Benchrest shooting for the last 15 years. In that time I’ve formed some pretty strong opinions on what makes a good flag, but I’d like to say that I do not consider myself the ultimate authority on anything. In Benchrest there are many ways to do things and these are just my opinions and what has worked for me.

One thing new Benchrest shooters quickly learn is that the bullet is moved by the wind a lot more than they thought it would be. The essence of Benchrest is trying to manage what the wind is doing to the bullet by reading the info the flags are providing and compensating with your aiming point, so that when the bullets are pushed, they all go into the same hole.