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Flat Top flags!

Lou Murdica and I worked together on this new flag design and it does have some advantages. The vane shape is shorter top to bottom, but still retains the same area (square inches) as my original vane. This allows more of these flags to be stacked or overlapped in the scope, and still be able to see the ball because it is now at the top of the flag. Another advantage is the rectangular shape of the Flat Top vane is visually less confusing when trying to read the angles than a vane shape that already has angles cut into it.

flag pictures

Shown are Flat Top flags with XL, Hi-Vis colors, and Arrows options. Hi-vis colors are orange on one side and green on the other. Regular colors are red and green.

All Flags Feature...

The pivot is made of Delrin and has a stainless ball bearing pivot system and is available for either 3/16”, 1/4” or 6mm pivot pins. This is an extremely sensitive pivot system, and the balance point is easily changeable to accommodate heavier or lighter tails.

The vanes use tough high quality vinyl for color instead of paint. Paint always chips and fades. The vanes are bolted to a machined flat section of the cross bar for easy replacement if necessary. Each flag includes a tail. The balls are 50/50 black and white. This allows for easily seeing if you are shooting in a head or tail wind, and are big enough to read at distance. Black = outgoing wind. White = incoming wind.

Available Options

  • Super Bright High Visibility Vinyl Colors.
  • Extra Large Vanes. Even more visibility at distance!
  • Arrows.
  • Finger adjustable balance point. (best only ordered if you plan to often use different types of tails)

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