Shooting Stand FAQ

Tripod info...

With tripod stands what you sometimes have to look out for is that the cheaper ones often don’t go down low enough. The cheaper stands often have less sections, making the sections it does have need to be longer, which makes the whole stand not go down as low. On some ranges it’s not a problem but on others you need quite a low stand in order to be legal. I generally like a stand that will go down around 24″ or so. That will work in most situations. Also look for a good spread on the legs that gives it a good base so it won’t tip over easily.

Tripod stands are available through Amazon and Ebay as well as the photography supply houses. The type that has the common 1/4-20 threaded stud on top is good for adapting for flag use.

Remember, you will need adapters to make tripods work for wind flags. Also, remember that if the wind gets to blowing hard you will have to stake the tripods down so they don’t tip over causing flag damage.

Stake in stand info...

One guy who makes custom flag stands is Bill Dittman. These are nice stands. Here is his description…

“Standard pole is 22 inches tall minimum 84 inches maximum. I can make other sizes on special order. Construction is telescoping aluminum with a stainless steel ground stake and stainless center pin. The ground stake has a footpeg sticking off to one side so you can just stomp it into the ground. The pole is made so that you can’t drop the center pin down inside while you are setting them up.”

He is making them specifically for my flags so all you need to do is tell him you need them set up for Graham flags and he will know what to do.

Here is his email… His phone… (770)735-6988.